New RCP guidance: Never too busy to learn

14 Dec 2018

14 Dec 2018

Healthcare is delivered by multiprofessional teams in increasingly busy workplaces, with a rising proportion of patients having complex needs. The tensions between service delivery and education/practice development are well known and during times of extreme pressure educational opportunities can disappear altogether under the overwhelming patient demand.

In the midst of this there is a clear need to streamline learning within the flow of daily work, and to complement ever-evolving workforce and work patterns, without compromising quality, patient safety and traditional support mechanisms.

New guidance from the RCP explores how ‘invitational’ learning environments can be created in clinical settings, and how to make the most of these opportunities. Working in partnership with healthcare professionals from several NHS regions, the authors have gathered case studies that demonstrate feasible and tested strategies for introducing opportunistic learning, with tips on how to implement them. The report stresses that time must also be protected and set aside for the purposes of professional development.

Modern-day workplaces are already rich in learning opportunities. However, to realise these events depends on the activities undertaken, the encouragement that staff receive to participate, and that relevance it holds to their practice. When working in an environment that regularly ‘invites’ learning, staff are more likely to access the learning potential of their everyday working practice. This guidance will be a valuable resource for all healthcare professionals. To read the guidance in full, visit