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17 Feb 2020

17 Feb 2020 • by RCP

This online resource aims to shine a spotlight on the mental health and wellbeing of physicians by opening up the conversation about mental health issues and their impact.

Burnout, work-related stress, mental illness and suicide are increasingly recognised within the physician workforce. Doctors are not good at seeking help: often denying there is a problem, not recognising there is a problem, being fearful of any stigma, feeling guilt about burdening others with difficulties, or even having anxieties about possible job loss.

This mental health and wellbeing resource has been created to help you recognise the warning signs in yourself and others, as well as know about the steps you can take to stay well and seek the right support when you need it. It also shines a spotlight on what the RCP is doing to influence and improve the healthcare system in which we work.

Different sections focus on recognising the triggers, wellbeing tools and where to seek support.

The size of the problem

Knowing yourself better

Looking after yourself

Opening up the conversation

Recognising possible triggers

Getting help when you need it

Sharing experiences

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